Fire Investigation Services

Andler & Associates is proud to announce that they provide the following services for insurance companies, law firms, and manufacturers of products.

  1. Origin and cause investigation of residential and commercial structures
  2. Origin and cause fire investigation of all vehicles including automobiles, semi-trucks, pickup trucks, farm equipment and boats
  3. Andler & Associates also provides review and consultation along with testifying on arson defense cases.
  4. Andler & Associates provides review and consultation for prosecutorial cases as well
  5. Investigation of all types of explosions including propane and natural gas, single family residential structures, commercial buildings, vehicles and boats
  6. Investigation of third party subrogation cases
  7. Investigation and review of National Electrical Code violations, Mechanical Code violations, the Uniform Fire Code as pertains to origin and cause investigation and responsible parties
  8. Andler & Associates also has a ten acre forensic fire laboratory utilized for purpose of testing and reconstruction of fire scenes. Same facility is also used for training and educating insurance adjusters, law enforcement personnel, fire department, fire investigators and provides an annual fire investigation seminar and has for the last 10 years
  9. Also available is microscopic photography, x-rays and scanning electronic microscopes
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