Personal Injury Cases

Richard Hippner v. Flexseal

 On May 15th, 2019 Mr. Hippner was working inside his home in Fountain Hills, AZ. in the septic pump room/closet. Mr. Hippner was on his hands and knees attempting to repair a leak in a pipe. Mr. Hippner was utilizing the spray product “Flexseal”. A vapor explosion fire occurred and burned Mr. Hippner with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his arms chest and face.

Legal counsel retained by Mr. Hippner hired Andler & Associates to perform an investigation into the cause of this vapor explosion fire.

It was learned through the investigation that; the product being emitted from the spray can was a thick heavy material designed to repair leaks and cracks on various surfaces. The product was propelled from the can by use of propane and butane as propellants for the very thick and heavy substance.  All potential ignition sources for this explosion were eliminated except for the can itself. It is believed that static electricity from the heavy thick product being emitted mixed with the flammable propellant used to push the product from the can, caused the vapor explosion fire.  This conclusion was reached utilizing industry standards and the understanding and analysis of fire and explosion dynamics.

An agreement was reached with the manufacture of the product and Mr. Hippner received a sizeable settlement.    

Vasquez v. Brookdale, (et al)

Mr. Vasquez was an elderly severely disabled resident of Brookdale Nursing Home community in Mesa, AZ.

A fire occurred inside his apartment that resulted in his death. The family of Mr. Vasquez retained legal counsel who in turn hired Andler & Associates to investigate. As expected, there were many interested parties that were noticed for potential liability in this fire. Andler & Associates were the lead investigators on this case.

The origin and causation for this fire that took the life of Mr. Vasquez, was determined to be at the electric wheelchair, which Mr. Vasquez relied solely on to move about his apartment.

As a part of the investigation performed by Andler & Associates there were several tests performed and filmed that were critical in the findings of this case. The test shown below, performed by Andler & Associates, was instrumental in securing a favorable settlement.

This case was in litigation for approximately five years and ultimately resulted in an eight-figure monetary settlement for the Vasquez family.

By performing a test burn in this case, Andler & Associates were able to determine the flammability of the wheelchair and fire spread. The test also recreated the events that happened during this fire including the amount of smoke generated and the survivability factors for the victim.

Defective gas stove flash severely burned two young boys. Jury trial verdict unanimous, 43 millions Dollars. (One of the largest personal injury fire related cases in Arizona. Patrick Andler was the lead fire investigator for the plaintiffs in this case).

Natural gas explosion by a defective underground gas pipe that severely injured a young man with 80% total burn surface. Case results 20 million dollars.

Two year old twin boys severely burned while they were playing in their apartment complex as a result of negligence from a gas company. Results 20 million dollar settlement.

Gas explosion at a house, failure to cap off a gas line. Young man sustained 60% second and third degree burns located in Prescott, Arizona. Settlement was 20 million dollars

A young couple severely burned while they were sleeping in their house. Cause of the fire was a defective ceiling fan. Settlement amount 8.5 million dollars.

An apartment fire that severely injured mother and child. Inappropriate smoke detectors installed by the apartment complex. Settlement 8 million dollars.

A couple severely burned while they were in the basement of their house as a result of a propane gas explosion. The case was a riser pipe found cracked and damaged as a result of improper installation by the gas company. Settlement 8 million dollars.

A flash fire occurred at a convenience store while a woman was filling up her SUV vehicle. Burn injuries to her lower extremities. Case settle for $700,000. dollars.

A State of Arizona employee was severely burned by a defective barbecue grill construction. Settlement 250 thousand dollars.

Four people sustained severe injuries at a retail store while shopping as a result of a defective gas line that had been installed by a utility company. Settlement was reached in the case however not disclosed.

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