Wildland Fire Cases

State of Arizona v. Brumley 2018

Andler and Associates was appointed by the Pinal County Public Defenders Office as a fire expert in the above-mentioned case to assist Mr. Brumley’s attorney with his defense.
Mr. Brumley had been charged by the state with reckless burning as a result of the “Roach Fire” in Dudleyville, Arizona. This fire had created over a million dollars in damage to property and destroyed several thousand acres of land.
Andler and Associates worked on this case and concluded that the fire was in fact a result of a lightning strike to a tree nearby Mr. Brumley’s property. This information was also corroborated by numerous independent witnesses that had reported seeing the lightning strike. Andler and Associates further validated this conclusion by the analysis of recognizable and identifiable fire patterns. Andler and Associates efforts on this case were critical in defending the false and very serious criminal charges Mr. Brumley was facing.

State of Arizona v. City of Tempe 2017

A fire occurred near the Arizona Historical Museum in Tempe Arizona that caused over $250,000 worth of smoke and related damage to the property. Andler and Associates was retained by the Arizona Attorney Generals Office to conduct an origin and cause investigation and perform fire spread analysis. As a result, it was concluded that the fire was started in a nearby field by transients. The fire then spread, by way of available combustibles including overgrown unmaintained foliage, to result in the damage to the Arizona Historical Museum. The conclusions opined by Andler and Associates were paramount in the civil litigation.